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The Indirect Channel Drives 80% of Business Revenue

The B2B environment has changed over the last 3 years. The relationships built and managed with indirect channel partners are more important than ever. The pressure to scale your company is tremendous, yet the costs of scaling through hiring more direct sales people is prohibitive. Where can you turn for growth? Companies just like yours have been turning in tens, hundreds and thousands, to the indirect channel as the best, most cost effective means of driving growth. Just look at some of the results:



120% Increase in Channel Revenue - National Instruments


20+ Channel Awards in just 2 years - Asigra


30% increase in Partner Applications - ViaWest


PRM Drives Channel Revenue and Scale

The challenge then, becomes driving revenue and scale for your channel program. It doesn't matter if you manage tens of thousands of channel partners, or if you're just starting to build your partner program — providing your valuable partners the personalized, excellent customer experience that research proves they want will accelerate your revenue growth in ways you haven't dreamed. For your partners, that journey begins with a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tool and a world-class Partner Portal. If you've got great products but your channel growth has stagnated, consider these stats:


86% of partners choose a vendor based on their portal


10x reduction in labor costs


$9 Million Average increase in channel revenue


How PRM Works

Contemporary PRM solutions turn your Partner Portal into a nerve center for managing and optimizing your channel operations. Today's out-of-the-box SaaS solutions provide your partners with a sleek, consumerized world-class experience, automate the operational basics of partnering, and allow your team to get on with their true focus of growing, scaling and reaching those partnerships that will truly drive your business.





Automate the highly time and labor intensive tasks of recruiting, onboarding and managing new partners — and track applicants and ensure a rapid turnaround on signups




Optimize the performance of your partners as easily as you manage your direct sales team with the ability to track your channel pipeline and forecast results with predictability and repeatability




Amplify your marketing reach and the reach of your partners by marketing to and through your channel — all while keeping your brand intact


Easy to deploy     Easy to integrate     Immediate results



Fastest to implement

Impartner's simple, 3-step Velocity™ process helps onboard the solution in as few as 14 Days and requires very little other than content and approvals. We don't require any access to your network or hardware and we easily implement with any CRM software.




Proven with just under 2 million users

Impartner's PRM solutions are trusted by some of the world's largest companies with some of the most complex partner networks — and who handle and protect some of the world's most sensitive data.




Easiest to Integrate

Impartner integrates seamlessly with any major CRM and third party applications and legacy systems. Plus, we support Single Sign On (SSO) and all industry standard authentication protocols.