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There Are So Many Reasons

Let's start with the three big ones



Reason #1

Our unique Hybrid-Tenancy model.

Our solution is SaaS-enabled, cloud-based, and pure multi-tenant. We also uniquely build a single-tenant partner-facing portal for each customer that lets us provide a pixel-perfect match for our customers' website. This hybrid-tenancy blend gives us the best of both the multi- and single-tenant solutions. Read more in this white paper.


Impartner Unique Hybrid-Tenancy Model



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Reason #2




Our highly engineered Velocity™ 3-step deployment process

While some customers desire a fully custom portal, many customers find that getting a portal up and live quickly is their highest priority. The good news is that Impartner does...both!


3-step Deployment Process


A wizard to set technical specs, design/layout, and CRM configuration
A simple template to map, page-by-page, the content your partners need to be successful
Send us an Excel or .csv file with your partner info and we'll import it into the system



Reason #3



Our Managed Package and our presence on the AppExchange

Being on the Salesforce AppExchange requires rigorous security validation, very in-depth testing of interoperability with other objects, and a true multi-tenant architecture. Impartner is the only vendor who has them all.




Impartner PRM helps at each critical step of the partner life-cycle, from recruiting all the way through performance management. This set of powerful solutions brings the right partners into your program, ramps them quickly to revenue production, enables them as a powerful amplification of your marketing reach, and facilitates a real-time interaction with partners to see who is producing top results and where performance improvements are needed.




Partner Experience

It's Not 2010 Any Longer. There's no Excuse for a Bad Partner Experience.

If you don't give your partners a perfectly personalized experience with your company, you can bet your competition will. And the Partner Portal is the front door to that relationship. Impartner PRM includes the tools necessary to personalize the experience partners have with your company.


Personalization Tools



Industry First CMS
Our industry first CMS (Content Management System) and the associated Momentum template language allow a perfectly personal experience from start to finish.
Channel Flow™
Channel Flow™ — A powerful workflow tool for creating and customizing how you want partners to receive leads, how to welcome new partners, and more.




Not only does Impartner meet security protocols strong enough to be listed on the Salesforce AppExchange...

...we offer three tiers of sandboxing (two separate development environments, staging and production), and follow stringent security standards for the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Burp Suite security testing. Data is only exposed through secure APIs and web services with multiple abstraction layers and we provide robust logging and auditing capabilities to ensure compliance.


NIST - OWASP - TRUSTe - Safe Harbor - digicert











What do Impartner Customers have to say?

We build the partner solutions that power the B2B world. With just under 2 million partners regularly logging in through portals we built, Impartner PRM has become the de facto standard of excellence for partner management.


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Impartner Customers


Unmatched Breadth

Unmatched Breadth

Impartner PRM offers Channel Chiefs an unmatched breadth of functionality to help them accelerate the performance of their partners. From recruiting and onboarding, to revenue optimization and cooperative marketing engagement, Impartner PRM brings the partner channel into focus.


Unmatched Breadth


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Unmatched Depth

Unmatched Depth

Our solution is designed to deploy in as few as 14 Days. You just approve the content and design, and done.

While some companies want a hands-off, managed service process, other companies want to take full ownership for self-configuration and management, and we provide those tools if your team desires. Our fully configurable workflow engine allows for tailored approvals and business logic to support your business needs and processes. Plus, for regular content updates, our WYSIWYG inline CMS editor gives your team simple control over portal content. Our powerful, dynamic template language, Momentum™, lets you edit portal content. And finally, we provide your techies with a full API sandbox to test API queries prior to execution.



Impartner Co-Branded Collateral Impartner Co-Branded Collateral Impartner Co-Branded Collateral